Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Coming Soon - Pesach

My thanks to everyone involved in making Purim at New London such a fabulous experience.
And now Pesach!

First night Seder is Monday night 10th April. If you are looking for hospitality, or able to offer hospitality, please let me know.

The New London Communal Seder, led by Cantor Jason and I, is Tuesday night 11th April. Booking is open and we urge anyone planning on coming to book in time to allow proper arrangements to be made for catering. It’s a terrific night and members and guests are all invited. More info here.

Our flagship pre-Pesach event, the Taste of Refuge Seder, has already sold out. My apologies for those who had planned to book later. We will share reflections and also some of the materials we will be using after the event.

Shabbat 1st April will focus on preparing for the Seder. I will be teaching and have some terrific material to share as part of the services. All welcome.

Shabbat 8th April will feature, after the service, a communal sing-a-seder-along with Cantor Jason. Bring your favourite tunes.

The 2017 NLS Pesach - Guide to Kashrut is now on-line. For more on selling Chametz through me, look out for subsequent mailings sent to this list.

Other things to look forward to in the coming month;
29th March the book launch of New London member Anne Summers’ terrific Christian and Jewish Women  in Britain 1880-1940. More here.

Monday morning 10th April, 7:15am, Shacharit featuring a Siyum on the occasion of the Fast of the Firstborn, all (not just firstborns) warmly invited.

Purim, in the best possible way, was chaotic. And now the journey to Seder - order. May that journey be matched by an equal journey from darkness to light and oppression to freedom for all.
It’s my honour to be able to share this journey with you all,
Chag Kasher V’Sameach - A happy and kosher celebration,
Rabbi Jeremy

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