Thursday, 6 June 2013

If ... A Campaign to End World Hunger


If different kinds of Jews could ever agree on anything.

If different religious faiths could ever come together on an issue.

If, even beyond the rag-tag coalition of religious folk, there could ever be a broad coalition of hundreds of charities and other organisations who could all plot a concerted, holistic campaign and actually attempt to make a difference in the world.


Well it’s happened.

It’s even broken through the barriers of media indifference to anything other than the economic gloom and the violence and celebtastic wall-to-wall usual diet. Though that may, in part be thanks to David Beckham, who is also on board.

The dream is this – the end of world hunger.

‘We should share our bread with the hungry, shelter those brought low, clothe them and not hide ourselves from our own flesh,’ railed Isaiah. A billion people, 1 in 8 of the world’s population, go to bed hungry and I hide from their suffering every day. How embarrassing to be skewered by Isaiah’s 3,000 year old turn of phrase.


This Saturday, in the run up to the G8 Conference to be held in this country, there is a mass coming together of people of every faith, and of none, to advocate for a more proactive approach to the relief of hunger. It’s a campaign which targets governments, international businesses and the global marketplace. It’s ambitious, but genuine, ‘grown up.’ It could save lives and even if it only saves a single life, it is worth a moment of our time.


If you care about world hunger, and you should – Isaiah says so, please do take a moment to check out the campaign. Google ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign’ for more information. Send an email, show your support. There will be a mass demonstration in Hyde Park, for anyone who fancies a good walk after services. And we, at New London, are opening our doors to anyone on their way to that demonstration.


We shouldn’t hide ourselves from the suffering of our own flesh.


Shabbat shalom,


Rabbi Jeremy


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