Monday, 3 June 2013

Freud's Moses and the Jewish Psyche - New London Synagogue This Sunday 9th June 19:15


Laurence Kaplan - "Freud's Moses and the Jewish Psyche"

Laurence Kaplan
 is Associate Professor in Rabbinics, Jewish Law and Philosophy at McGill University.   He received his BA from Yeshiva College, his MA and PhD from Harvard University, and his rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

About his subject:  Rabbi Louis Jacobs in his characteristically learned, lucid, and balanced discussion of psychoanalysis and religion in Chapter 4 ("Is Religious Faith an Illusion ?") of We Have Reason to Believe
 urges the reader "not to 'rend his garments' upon hearing" psychoanalytic explanations of religious ritual.   For Jacobs, to say that religious beliefs and  practices may meet some deep, indeed unconscious, psychological  needs is not to deny their truth value.   In this light I want to examine the changing story Freud tells in Moses and Monotheism and the, in his view, psychological impact "Father Moses'" choice of his "dear children," the Jewish people, played in forging the Jewish character.

Admission at the door:  £8.00 for NLS members, £10.00 for non members at the door.   Prior Booking not essential.



Rabbi Jeremy Gordon

New London Synagogue

0207 328 1026



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