Sunday, 20 May 2012

re: Rosh Hashanah at New London Synagogue

Dear Rabbi Narrowe,

I have heard through Rabbis Jeremy and Daniella that you are tempted to look more closely at the possibility of leading Minyan Chadash over Rosh Hashanah.

Well, that's brilliant.

We are a small, egalitarian learning community. On Day 1 of Rosh Hashanah we can have 70-100 people. Day 2 is much quieter with about 40-60 people attending.

The egalitarian community has been running for 10yrs, dovening together twice a month. We are self-sufficient during the year and over RH will lead the Torah service and leyning. We thrive on volunteers and last year all the services were led by our own members. Then they moved home - some back to the USA!!

Some years back Rabbi Jeremy Gerber led our services so we feel we have some connection with Sweden.

I would be delighted to answer any questions you might have, and let's see if we can proceed further.

Again, thank you for expressing interest.



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