Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Monday 14th and 21st May - Into the Myst - Adult Education at New London


There is, the Kabbalists teach, an ‘Olam Hafrada’ – a world of division and particular variation and there is also ‘Olam HaYichud’ – a world where all the divisiveness and all particularity resolves into a singular unity.


Judaism spends most of its time concerned with the mundane – how to eat, how to treat the poor. All very practical. All very tangible. But Judaism also has a mystical side. Through history Jews have tried to mediate the impossible path that connects our finite earthly existence with the infinite nature of the cosmos.


In a two-part historical overview beginning this Monday, 14th May, I will share how some of the great mystical teachers of our faith have attempted to navigate this path. I hope to intrigue both those interested in their own spiritual inclinations as well as those ‘merely’ interested in what Judaism might offer in these realms.


These are areas of Jewish investigation that don’t suit sermonic retelling. It’s a special opportunity to glimpse into a particular, and for me particularly important, corner of our faith. I hope you will be able to join me.


Mondays 14th and 21st May

8pm at the Synagogue

Free for members, £10 non-members.

(the second class will follow on from the first, but should be accessible on it’s own)

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