Thursday, 6 October 2016

There Will Be a Test

My thanks to everyone who helped our Rosh Hashanah celebrations; from the professional team led by Jo and Lennin, Cantor Jason, Lester, the Choir, Wardens and everyone who helped the services run so smoothly, our Youth team led by David-Yehuda, Laurence and the Minyan Chadash team and on the list goes. It was a privilege and a joy to feel the building so bursting with engagement.

Anyone who missed either of my sermons you can catch up [here -] and there will be a test. No, there won’t be a test on the content of my sermons, but there will be a test of the quality with which we have lived our lives. This is the question of this season in these Ten Days that connect Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur.

This Shabbat morning, Shabbat Shuva, we will have the opportunity to investigate this great challenge in the company of four great thinkers and writers who have passed away in the past year; Harper Lee, Elie Wiesel, David Bowie and Shimon Peres. It will also be a chance to meet some members of the community we might not know so well. And there will be Cholent. Do join us

One last thought. The great joy of having so many more children around in the community than was the case a decade ago is also the great challenge. Kids make noise. Usually. We are trying this. We are writing to parents of our older children to encourage them to bring their sons and daughters to Kol Nidrei. We know it’s the most special, dignified service of the year, but we want them to have the experience of an adult Jewish engagement. If you have a child you think might ‘get it.’ Please do bring them along. If you find yourself sitting next to a 12 year old. Give ‘em a smile. They are the future of our community.
Shabbat shalom and every good wish for a Chatimah Tovah, may we all be sealed in the Books of life, sweetness and health,

Rabbi Jeremy

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