Thursday, 15 September 2016

Know Anyone in Need of an Annual Service? Pass It On.

I’m enormously proud to be part of the New London team.
I’m proud of our prayer services; soul-full and decourous. We offer both more formal and more participatory services with a range of more traditional and more egalitarian options. We are proud to have in Cantor Jason Green, a leader of prayer who is both a master of our liturgical tradition and a .
I’m proud of our intellectual and spiritual appetite. Our founder Rabbi, Louis Jacobs, hoped to preach, ‘a courageous Judaism. No shallow, spineless Judaism, demanding no challenge shall be preached here. But I hope that I shall also see to it that no harsh, unsympathetic, inhuman interpretation of Judaism is voiced here [either].’ That’s my hope too.
I’m proud of our terrific youth provision, led by David-Yehuda Stern; we’ve a vibrant and busy Cheder, fun Children’s Services and an excellent Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme.
I think we offer great adult education programmes, fun social programmes, excellent pastoral support and flagship programming that touches on the most important issues of our day. This Sunday, for example, we are hosting Tulip Siddiq MP and Board of Deputies CEO Gillian Merron to debate the question of tolerance in our society. I could go on about this sort of stuff for a while.
We are a very special community.
We are hungry to grow. It will allow us to offer more and better services, reach our own members ever more effectively and, more effectively, play our part in the broader society.
If you know of anyone who might be looking for a Shul for the High Holydays – or anything else. If you think they should come here, please pass this on. Really. I mean this. Stick a few names (no spamming now!) in the BCC copy the URL of this page and tell your friends why you think they should join you and all of us for Rosh Hashanah.
For more information about the Shul and tickets for the Chagim check out our website (guests and visitors will not be able to attend over Rosh Hashannah / Yom Kippur unless they have a ticket).
For more of the stuff I write and teach about, check out my blog. And if you – or anyone reading this – has any questions about anything going on, or possibly going on, at New London, please contact me.
 Shannah Tovah

Rabbi Jeremy

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