Tuesday, 22 March 2016

On the Terrible Events in Brussels - And Purim

Dear Friends,

Strange times, when lunatics can threaten our very lives simply because we disagree with their - crazy - religious attitudes.
It must be Purim.
I don't mean to make light of the horrific events in Brussels today. My thoughts are with all those who are mourning or are injured. It's a horrific unconscionable attack.

But we have been here before.
We have lived in societies threatened by those who find us threatening.
We have had to find ways to survive not only physically, but existentially and emotionally. We can't always lock ourselves inside.
Buried back in the mists of time we, Jews, found a way to respond to this kind of threat, this shadow that seems to hang over our lives from one generation to another.
They called it Purim.

It's a day of telling the story,
But a day of laughter, chaotic celebration, masquerades and release from the fear - it's even a day of drinking.
There is a time for everything.

So come, join us tomorrow night as we tell the story and laugh and release the tension this threat proposes.
Serious times demand serious responses. We'll get that, I'm sure.
But for one night, let's laugh and drink and celebrate our faith that we are - even in our love of peace, in fact particularly because of our love of peace - stronger than those who hate us,

Purim Sameach,

Rabbi Jeremy

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