Thursday, 2 April 2015

Asylum Drop-In - A Pesach Call

Dear Friends,


Our sister synagogue, the New North London has, for the last 9 years, been carrying out heroic work at a drop-in centre for destitute asylum seekers, providing them once a month with hot food and clothing along with supermarket and travel vouchers. The service has been so successful that they are full to capacity and have now reached out to our own community to see if we might be able to provide a similar service for 80 clients who they can sadly no longer accommodate.

To do this we need VOLUNTEERS to commit to regularly preparing for the monthly event. This requires sorting through donations of clothing, cooking simple filling foods and collecting the vouchers for the clients. And we need other volunteers to come down on the day (to a venue in North London) to serve the food, distribute the vouchers and just chat with the visitors in a friendly environment over a cup of tea.


Amongst these volunteers we need a couple people to step up as COORDINATORS, taking a leadership role in overseeing this core group.


Lastly, this initiative is not expensive but it will take some funding. There are few overheads, but each client will be provided with £5 travel and £10 supermarket vouchers. We’re also looking for DONORS. We welcome pledges large and small. £15 per month will provide one voucher for one person.


This is a terrific time to be reaching out to the community – with Pesach’s messages of freedom and hospitality so timely. It would be so fitting to be able to provide a welcome to new strangers, the largest numbers of whom come from Eritrea, Iran, Pakistan and Syria.


If you have questions, please let me know.

If you would like to volunteer, might be interested in being a donor or even a coordinator, please let me know so we can forge ahead with this project.


Happy Passover




Rabbi Jeremy


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