Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Coming This Sunday at New London - Irving Finkel

I am hugely excited to welcome Irving Finkel to New London this Sunday.

Aside from being assistant keeper of antiquities at the British Museum, and one of the world leading authorities on ancient Sumeria he shot to fame, in the last year, with a terrific book, and television show about a recently discovered  ostracon and its influence on the Biblical tale of Noah. He also has a quite superb beard.


He will be speaking about how, what we consider originally Hebraic, might have been influenced by earlier semitic cultures. It’s just the sort of eyes-wide-open approach to Jewish scholarship that is the very marker of this community. It will also, I am sure, be a barnstorming presentation.


Please do join us.

7:30pm at the Synagogue, all warmly welcome.

For more information please click


Rabbi Jeremy


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