Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ki Anu Amecha V'Atah Eloheinu - 'For we are Your people and You are our God'

This is the opening line of one of the most beloved sections of the Slichot service. It will be sung, and sung with gusto, this Saturday evening and throughout Yom Kippur. It speaks of a closeness and the possibility of a meeting. ‘We are Your flock and You are our shepherd... We speak of You and You speak of us.’


But for this meeting, this alchemy, to work we need to place ourselves inside the system. The standoffish type, who is really too busy for all this singing doesn’t get to play. The invitation isn’t elitist. It’s open to everyone, but you have to turn up, and you have to bring yourself.


The Rosh Hashanah journey begins this Saturday night with our Slichot service at 9:30. The first night of Rosh Hashanah is Wednesday. Come on Friday, come Thursday evening, come early bring yourself, for it is only by bringing yourself that the possibility meets of a relationship. By staying outside, physically or metaphorically we only remind ourselves of what we already know and another year will pass with our lives unchanged.


Oh, and one more thing. Tell someone else. Growing up every Jew I knew had a Shul and even went to that Shul, at least on three times a year. Either my circle of acquaintances or the nature of Anglo Jewry has changed. I keep meeting Jews who have no relationship with pews. We believe our services, at New London, offer the best of our liturgical tradition combined with an open-minded quest for truth and integrity. We believe our services are accessible and spiritual. If you want traditional, we have traditional. If you want egalitarian, we have egalitarian. And if you have anyone you think should join us, please pass this appeal on to them, together with the link by which they can purchase tickets – they can click [here] All most definitely welcome,


Shabbat shalom, Ki Va Moed – the sacred time is coming,


Rabbi Jeremy


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