Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The New London Synagogue Tikkun Leyl

Shavuot arrives this evening.

Maariv is at 6:30, followed by the dinner for those who have already booked.

Open to all, no need to book, no charge, our Tikkun leyl starts at 8:15pm and we will be learning through the night.


8:15pm-9:30pm    Rabbi Jeremy "Reset, Recharge"

9:30pm-10:45pm   Angela Gluck "Makorot for Sh’mittah" (‘Makorot’ are sources or resources.)

10:45pm-11:15pm  Lester Kershenbaum "Counting in the Jewish Tradition"

11:15pm-11:30pm  Cantor Jason Green "Share a Prayer: Y'tziv Pitgam"

11:30pm-12:30am  Student rabbi Natasha Mann "I Will Give Grass in Your Fields: Who Owns the Land?"

12:30am-1:30am   Elias Kupferman "Lord Rothschild and the Sh’mittah Dilemma of 1888"

1:30am - 1:45am   Cheesecake Break

1:45am-2:15am   Cantor Jason Green

2:15am-2:30am   Ice Cream Break

2:30am-3:00am   Joanne Kosmin "The Torah as a Garden"

3:15am-4:30am   Rabbi Jeremy - Guided Chavruta sessions, etc.

4:30am               Hashkama minyan led by Rabbi Jeremy, Alex Games


You can stay for as long or as short as you like. Bonus points for those who help us make Minyan.


Yom Tov Services in the Sanctuary will be at the normal times throughout the Festival (9:15am Wednesday and Thursday and 6:30pm Wednesday).

All support ensuring strong Minyanim for our services is warmly appreciated.

Yizkor will be recited during on Thursday morning.


Chag Sameach,

See you at Sinai,


Rabbi Jeremy

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