Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer in the Air


Passover feels a long time ago.

Spring is behind us, summer is in the air – even among the storms.

Shavuot is coming.


The Rabbis refer to Shavuot as Zman Matan Torateinu – the time of the giving of our Torah. In the context of the harvest cycle, Shavuot is the moment when the bounty of this year’s harvest was finally made available. The special Megillah associated with Shavuot is the heartbreaking Book of Ruth containing one of the greatest articulations of what it means to be part of a Jewish journey in all of the Bible. It’s a special time. I do hope members, and friends, will make every effort to join us for its celebration.


The eve of Shavuot, 3rd June, is marked with a night of learning, surrounded by cheese-cake and ice cream. I’ll be teaching over the communal dinner and there will opportunities to continue study through the night. We’ll be learning on the theme of Shmita – the reset and recharge button in Jewish life. You can book for dinner on-line via the Synagogue home-page [click here].


We are also offering a lunch on second day Yom Tov, 5th June. We particularly welcome those able to support a weekday Yom Tov to join us for what will be a beautiful service, including Yizkor. To book [click here].


Finally, for our younger members, there will be an ice-cream tea on Primrose Hill, again on the 5th, again, more information see the Synagogue home page.


This week I have celebrated 10 years in the Rabbinate. As a sermon I’ll be taking the opportunity to reflect on some of what I have learnt in this glorious and strange job/calling/life. It’s not every week you get a chance to give a sermon that has been a decade in formation.


Shabbat shalom,


Rabbi Jeremy


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