Thursday, 17 October 2013

I'm impressed - a Green Wedding Policy

I’m doing a wedding for a couple and they sent out an e-invitation with a link to a web-page with all the useful information and these two pages;

One on gifts


What we want most for our wedding is to have all of our friends and family together. We know it's traditional to give gifts, but we are very serious when we say that you are welcome not to give us anything. Except perhaps a hug. Or even a card.


We don't want to contradict the above, but if you are sure you want to give a gift here are some ideas:

  • We know that you are a creative and skilled bunch. And we love learning and doing! So if you have a fun skill you'd like to teach us, or a creative contribution to make on the day, we would be delighted.
  • There are a few carefully chosen, and often second-hand, things we need to set up home in our new flat. It would also be lovely to make our honeymoon a special treat. You can contribute at
  • We appreciate donations to environmental and homeless charities, such as World Land Trust and Centrepoint.
  • Edibles and services are always appreciated, e.g. a jar of organic honey or a massage.

No other objects please - we are fortunate to be blessed with everything we need, and very much prefer not to receive more 'stuff'. The world is full of beautiful things, but we really can't fit any more of them in our flat! We also try to minimise the number of new things we buy (you can see why here and here). So other than the few things mentioned above please don't give us objects.


If you plan to give us a gift, you're very generous, thank you. And if you plan not to give us a gift, you're helping to change a social norm, thank you.



One on a green policy for the wedding


We want our everyday values to carry over into our wedding. And Daniel already feels guilty enough about the events he's overseen where we bought loads of sweatshop nik-naks, used them for an hour, and then landfilled them. 


We have therefore created our official smug green policy....

  • No flowers.
  • No disposable plastic things.
  • No new clothes we'll never wear again (thanks eBay).
  • Almost all food vegetarian, mostly organic.
  • Minimal waste, all leftover food frozen and eaten later!
  • Almost all waste recycled or composted.
  • Email invitations.
  • Venue near public transport, and coaches provided from xxx


I thought that was really impressive,



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