Thursday, 12 September 2013

Surf your way through Yom Kippur

I once managed to stand up for half a second on a surf board. Splosh. I can’t surf. But I adore the metaphor; riding the wave, being carried by forces beyond our reach, feeling a power that comes from the belly of the earth ...


It feels like that moment when, having paddled slowly out to sea, we are turning the board round and preparing to catch the momentum of the swelling water. It’s already been a very special High Holyday season, particularly as we have been so lifted by Cantor Jason in his first year with us. The warm-up session he and I led last night was glorious (if you are interested in a sneak peek into what to expect on Friday evening, you can listen to a recording of the class at The message is jump aboard and catch the wave. The good news is that this kind of Jewish surfing it doesn’t require balance, strength or even a surfboard (wetsuits are also not required as shul attire). Allow yourself to be carried by the liturgy, allow yourself to be transported away from the normal rules of how a day unfolds, allow yourself to open to forces greater than human reach.


It is a privilege to serve New London, at this time of year most especially, and I look forward to a special day to come.


Shabbat shalom and Gemar Hatimah Tovah to all,



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