Monday, 8 July 2013

The Best Blessing I Know

A new Rabbinic colleague, on the eve of her ordination, asked for blessings for her journey ahead.


The best I could wish to share is this stunning piece from Brachot 17a.


‘When the Rabbis took leave from the school of R. Ammi — some say, of R. Hanina — they said to him: May you see your requirements provided in your lifetime, and may your latter end be for the future world and your hope for many generations; may your heart meditate understanding, your mouth speak wisdom and your tongue incite song; may your eyelids look straight before you, may your eyes be enlightened by the light of the Torah and your face shine like the brightness of the firmament; may your lips utter knowledge, your reins rejoice in uprightness and your steps run to hear the words of the Ancient of Days.’


Once upon a time – a long long time ago, I stuck this blessing up on the walls of the Bet Midrash at JTS.

Anyone know if it is still there?


(Other guerrilla posting at JTS – Rabbi Chaim Weiner’s Teshuvah on recycling/geniza photocopies of Shemot, put up in the photocopy room of the JTS library, is that still around)


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