Friday, 31 May 2013

Freud's Moses with Prof Laurence Kaplan


Professor Laurence Kaplan is the best kind of world-class academic. For several decades he’s been a renowned scholar of twentieth century Jewish thought; author of a slew of highly respected monographs and longer works on Martin Buber, Joseph Soloveitchik, Rav Kook and the like. He’s also not afraid to wade into debates which go to the heart of traditional Jewish thought and life. In particular he’s won a reputation for destabilising ultra-orthodox apologists idolisation of figures such as the Hazon Ish and Rav Hutner. Professor Kaplan is spending time at the Oxfrod Centre for Hebrew and Jewish studies as part of their ongoing seminar looking at the legacy of the works of our founding Rabbi, Louis Jacobs z’tl.

We are hugely fortunate to have him give the Rabbi Louis Jacobs Memorial Lecture this year.


Professor Kaplan will be speaking on Freud’s Moses and the Jewish Psyche. It’s a lecture for anyone interested in Freud, Judaism and the relationship between Moses, God and Israel.

New London was founded because of a willingness to engage, critically, with the most important questions in Jewish theology and scholarship and a belief if the value of scholarship and rigorous intellectual endeavour. The Jacobs Memorial Lecture is the intellectual highpoint in our annual calendar I do hope you will be able to join us.


Sunday 9th June 19:30 at New London Synagogue, 33 Abbey Rd, NW8 0AT


Shabbat shalom,


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