Thursday, 10 January 2013


A Short Course in Jewish Prayer lead by Rabbi Roderick Young  on 14, 21 28 January, 04 and 11 February 2012 at 19.30.

These are the words often found on top of the Ark.   They face us when we pray.   But praying in a Jewish service can feel like scaling Everest - a struggle with no signposts !
This course of five sessions will take the snow off the buried signposts.  

In the first two sessions we will map out the basic template that every service follows.  Then in the next three sessions we will explore the history and meaning of our greatest prayers:  the Sh'ma; the Amidah (in Hebrew it is known as "The Eighteen", but it has nineteen prayers... why ?  We will find out !); the Kaddish (it's a "Kingdom" prayer whose use has changed in fascinating ways); the Aleynu (this was written for Rosh Hashana, so why do we say it now every day ?).  

We will look at the prayers in English and Hebrew, but knowledge of Hebrew is absolutely not necessary !   By the end we will have conquered Everest and be able to enjoy and understand the majestic mountain that is a Jewish service.

All welcome.

Particularly anyone who has felt a little adrift in the waters of Jewish prayer, particulary traditional forms of prayer.



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