Friday, 2 November 2012

A Busy Week

A busy week.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering in the aftermath of storm Sandy. I know of a number of members on the East Coast and many more with friends and family who’ve been in the eye of the storm.


My thanks to everyone involved in the wonderful send off to Stephen on Monday. It was a wonderful evening. Those who wanted to see copies of my words can find them on the blog.


As we move into a future I want to urge members to give as much support as they can to the community as we look to get used to something new. IN particular, if you are considering coming on a Friday evening or Sunday morning, please do join us. And if you are planning on coming on a Shabbat morning do please make the effort to be with us close to the start of our services as you can.


What I really wanted to mention, in this weekly posting, is Israel. This Monday, 8pm at the Shul we have one of the top analysts joining us to open the Israel Today series. Anshel Pfeffer, from Haaretz, will be looking at issues around security; from Iran, to the Arab Spring and the possible impacts of the US Elections. Over the coming five weeks we’ll be hearing about Israel from experts, venture capitalists, peace activists, rabbis, film curators (really one of each). It’s a chance to engage, through a Shul likes ours, with an issue at the heart of contemporary Jewish identity. I know many members are struggling with their relationships with Israel and I know many members are unsure of where to go for ‘truth.’ This is our attempt to assist with that quest.


Shabbat shalom,



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