Thursday, 15 March 2012

And Now for Pesach

Two events for the attention of NLS members and friends.


This Monday I will be looking at the history of the Seder ritual. Why are there four cups, what were the original Four Questions and where did the Four Sons come from?

8-10pm at the Synagogue, more information below. All welcome.


And the following Sunday, 24th March, we will be holding our Flagship pre-Pesach event, a roundtable on freedom. I’m delighted that we are going to be welcoming Rev Nadim Nasar who was born in Syria. In the months since he first agreed to join life in Syria has become ever more fraught and I am most keen to hear his reflections and concerns. The other speaker, Lord Glassman, is a good friend and co-founder of the Masorti community in Stoke Newington. He’s also a leading political theorist whose been ruffling feathers in and beyond his own party on issues around immigration and communities. These are important issues of our time – with the offer of added richness to infuse your seder with the true taste of Freedom. I hope you will be able to join me.


Shabbat shalom


Rabbi Jeremy


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