Thursday, 11 August 2011

Looking for Cheder Teachers

Dear All,

New London are looking for Cheder teachers, specifically early years teachers.
If you are interested please do be in touch with Jo Velleman on
If you know someone who might be, please do pass this on.


Rabbi Jeremy



We are re-launching our Cheder under the expert eye of Angela Gluck, one of the country’s leading Jewish educators. This is an exciting opportunity for those who care about the Jewish education of our children. Our intake is from 3 years old up and includes a B’nei Mitzvah programme.


We are seeking Cheder teachers to start on Sunday 18th September 2011. There will be an important whole-team meeting and training session on Sunday 4th September.


Y     Do you enjoy the company of children and young people? Do you want to help them grow Jewishly?

Y     Are you willing to work within a strong Masorti ethos that values the best in both Jewish tradition and modernity—and the interaction between them?

Y     Do you believe that Jewish education is a life-long process and that a bank of positive childhood memories is its firmest foundation?

Y     Are you willing to develop as a Jewish educator, whatever your experience to date?

Y     Do you thrive on challenge? And do you have a sense of fun?


If yes, and you’d like to be involved in our Cheder, do get in touch with us. We’re especially interested to hear from you if you have experience teaching children aged 3 to 5 years. Please feel free to pass this on to others who might wish to develop themselves through developing our cheder.


Please phone the Executive Director, Jo Velleman on 020 7328 1026 between 9.00am and 1.00pm Monday to Friday or email Applications are needed by Friday 19th August. Interviews will be held on the morning of Wednesday 24th August but we are willing to be flexible about this date, if it clashes with pre-existing holiday arrangements. 



New London Synagogue

33 Abbey Road

London NW8 0AT

0207 328 1026

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