Wednesday, 26 May 2010



The sunny weather of the beginning of the week has passed speedily, but I’m not giving up on Summer quite yet.


I want to mention three outdoor events in the coming months and urge as many members as possible to consider coming to one or more.


The first and most important to me is the New London Synagogue Garden Party on 27th June. The venue is a school, but it’s not an event aimed at school-children. Our goal is to give the whole community an excuse to come together, to schmooze, and get to know one another better. With so many newer members, no-one in the community feels they know everyone and we need to build more connections. There will be great food and entertainment and a good time to be had. More information at


The following Sunday, 4th July, is the Tzedek-JCC Environmental Bike Ride from London to Southend. It’s a fifty mile trip to be taken at whatever pace one feels comfortable. Last year we had an embryonic New London team taking part. I would love to welcome any other cyclists to join up for what should be a wonderful day. 

Or if you can’t come yourself, do please consider sponsoring me – money raised will be going to support some terrific projects, both abroad and in this country. More at


And finally… it’s hard for me to think of a better way to develop the community here at New London than to encourage everyone to attend as many Limmud events as possible. Limmud’s December conference is by now world famous, but there is also Limmud Fest – a four day celebration of things Jewish to be held outside Brighton over the August Bank Holiday. You can stay indoors, or you can camp. There will be classes and concerts, stuff for kids, stuff for adults or you can just enjoy the good food and great company. In an attempt to boost the numbers of New Londoners at Fest I’m delighted to offer a £50 subsidy to any individual member (or £75 for a family or couple) who wish to attend. It will be the fourth time Josephine and I will be at Fest and we can’t recommend it highly enough. For more information please see and contact me directly for more information on the New London members’ subsidy.


Let the sun shine brightly.


Shabbat shalom,


Rabbi Jeremy

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