Sunday, 1 February 2009

Why I love the Bible, the messy dark Bible

Because no-one has put it better than Yehudah Amichai


I’ve Filtered out the Book of Ester

I’ve filtered out of the book of Ester the residue

Of vulgar joy, and out of the Book of Jeremiah

The howl of pain in the guts. And out of the

Song of Songs the endless search for love,

And out of the Book of Genesis the dreams

And Cain, and out of Ecclesiastes

The despair and out of the Book of Job – Job

And from what was left over I pasted for myself a new Bible.

Now I live censored and pasted and limited and in peace.


A woman asked me last night in the darkened street about the weel-being of another woman

Who had died before her time, and not in anyone’s time.

Out of great tiredness I answered her:

She’s fine, she’s fine.

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